one step at a time

Give yourself some breathing space...

Developing a strategic brand takes time AND it is something that is never fully complete. This can feel overwhelming and zap the remaining energy you have left in the tank after wearing all of the other hats as a small business owner.

I want to give you a break from the 'doing'...

that results in you feeling unproductive because you have spent the day procrasti-snacking, cleaning, scrolling and all the other procrastination activities that surface when you are not in a place of flow. 

I see you trying to complete tasks that are not your thing. I see you Pushing through something that you don't have energy for.

When you create from this place, the tasks take waaay longer than you would have liked and you end the day slumped on the couch in a social media scroll hole looking for a spark of relief or joy to cancel out the feelings of frustration and failure that have come from a day of not feeling very productive.

I know this might come across as hard-hitting, please know that this scenario is one that has come straight from my memory bank. I’ve been there, this has been my experience many times. 

You are here to support change and make an impact on the world…
Not to get stuck in your todo list.

Ditch the DIY for the Day

Let’s get it done, together!

Quality & strategic support for a day so you can focus on the things that matter.

Free your energy
This is your permission slip to surrender the weight of your todo list from your shoulders for a day.

Move the needle forward
After the day is complete you will feel fufilled knowing you have accomplished some of those many or big things from your list

Reclaim your time
So can focus on the things that bring you joy and replenishment – free from guilt and ‘shoulds’.

Here what my clients had to say...


"I feel substantially more confident with technology."

 …and don’t feel like the computer will self destruct on me the minute I try something new. I also feel more willing to take a few risks and put myself out there.

Chantelle knows her stuff and was so easy to work with. She would constantly ask clarifying questions to ensure she heard me and was so incredibly patient with me as I took the smallest steps that felt like HUGE leaps of faith.

— Karnie Kamala -
spiritual ascension guide & mentor

"My branding has really helped me stay grounded, throughout massive growth in my business."

The Judges at the Tesltra Business Awards were so impressed with my entry and, in particular, my alignment and consistency in my branding. I have said it time and time again, I have no doubt that the branding process from you way back when I was dreaming big, has allowed me to grow into this with flow and ease. THANK YOU!

State winner in the 2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards - Outstanding growth

"I now feel empowered & confident."

I would still be ‘looking’ for the right look and feel. Spending alot of time scouring google for compliant images and trying to piece it together. It would take me a long time to do this, removing me from investing in other creative projects.

I can now focus on bigger projects as this aspect has been successfully dealt with. I would say the work I did with Chantelle is foundational to my future success.

WITH LOVE FROM TESS FOUNDER, Kinesiology & spiritual support for the New Humanity

I  know what it feels like to not know what support you need and how to ask for it so you can free your energy, to get momentum and to reclaim your time. 

I also know that finding the right support as a small business owner helps to ease the burden that our soul service can sometimes feel like when we are stuck in the todo’s of living out our soul mission in a system that doesn’t wholeheartedly support us.

Here is your invitation...

If you are ready and willing to explore the ways you can be supported during this season of your life and business.

Over the past 10 years I’ve been in business I have developed many skills during my procrasti-learning (and through intentional learning), which now has provided a smorgasbord of ways I can support you to break free from this hamster wheel of feeling deflated and on the verge of burnout.

I bring all of this to the table in a Ditch the DIY for a day experience – graphic design, brand strategy, project planning, website design, website planning, brand naming, website setup, Canva training, email marketing assets, energy work and the list goes on.

Not sure what you need? Book a consultation and we will explore this together.


Imagine the Possibility

What if a chunck of your todo list was removed in just 24hrs?

Imagine if it were possible.

What will it feel like when you can finally cross off some of those tasks that you’ve been looking at for months.

How much space would this create in your mind and schedule?
What could you do with this additional time?
Where would it help you get unstuck?

This service is for you if...

This service is NOT for you if...

Here’s what happens when you say yes!


Go right ahead and book your spot in my calendar.

Make your 50% deposit payment.

Within 24hrs you will receive a massive warm welcome via email with all the details about our Ditch the DIY Day together with next steps.


5 days before your scheduled day.
You will submit your completed project application tailored to your business. This will give me an idea of what you would like done on your day, what assets you have, and give me time to review and create a plan. I will get back to you with any follow-up questions if required.

2-3 days before your scheduled day.
We will spend upto 60 mins together to discuss the plan of action I created from your completed questionnaire. We will discuss expectations for the day and make any adjustments to the plan. I’ll send you the confirmed plan of action for your Ditch the DIY day so you know exactly what to expect and when.

The day of

On the day of your Ditch the DIY day I will wake up nice and early, set my intention for the day and remove any distractions. I ensure that I support myself to get as much done as humanly possible in one day. For me, these days are a fun challenge where we both feel like we have won! I’ll be in touch throughout the day to get your feedback (if your in the northern hemisphere we work a little differently – see FAQ).

the day after

You will receive the final files and/or assets of items we worked on and a summary of what was completed. There is an opportunity for us to discuss this via Zoom and to book in additional days/half days if required (you will have priority in my calendar).

If minor edits are required, one round of revisions will be completed on this day and sent back to you before the day closes out.


Here's what you get...


Choose between a full or half a day



incl GST for Australian Residents



incl GST for Australian Residents

14 Days Money-Back Guarantee

This is where you explain your refund policy and any other guarantee you offer like a 14 day guarantee, if they aren’t satisfied they can ask for a refund. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent vehicula odio vitae sem pharetra, ac vulputate urna accumsan.

What is possible to get done in a Ditch the DIY day?

here are some ideas of what we can done in a day

Review & Polish Current Website

We can take a look at your current website, review what is working and what isn't working and make edits to refine and polish your DIY efforts so that you want to share it with the world!

Website Design

Design upto 3 pages of your website for you to build yourself or have a webdeveloper build it out for you. Template is created in Canva so give easy access to sections and provide templates for images.

Tidy & Polish your DIY

We can spend the day tidying up your DIY efforts aswell as provide you with training and guidance along the way so that you have a resource library of 'how to's' for further DIY creation.

Branded Marketing Collateral

You will be surprised at what we can achieve in a day. Think of every place a customer can find you, we can use the day to bring in some consistency and cohesiveness to your visuals across the board.
I work with what you've got to move you forward on a budget! I can even organise quality printing for you!

Basic Accessibility Review & Update

I will provide a basic accessibility audit of your marketing collateral including your brand assets and provide you with a report and action plan.

Or if you know there are some areas that require your attention such as making your pdf's fillable this is for you!

Tech Training & Tiny Tasks

Need help with Canva? Setting up email templates? Not sure how to do that thing on your WordPress website?

If your list is full of those tiny task that are pulling at you, get them together on a list! If you need training I can create a training videos AND do it for you.

Brand Naming

Workshop to name your brand and brainstorm with myself and a copywriter! Perfect if this is holding you back from putting your service out in the world.

Branding for a Program

You have a course or program brewing and require all the branding and graphic design assets that are to go with it. We can use your Ditch the DIY day to create brand material - think workbooks, video covers, slide decks, social media posts, Facebook cover images and any other collateral specific to the platform you are using.

Create your own day

Book in a consulation call and together we can formulate a plan for your day. Lean back knowing that you have a variety of tasks being done in the background while spend your day doing the tasks you love to do.

Not sure? Book a call to discuss your challenges and develop a customised plan

Meet your brand strategist, designer & Intuitive guide

Hello, I'm Chantelle

I’m committed to helping you create a brand that feels like an extension of you, has a strong foundation for you to evolve from and one that inspires you to show up every day even when your fears are at play.  

That’s why I created offerings to support & guide you through different stages of your brand journey so that your brand doesn’t feel like a stranger, you feel confident to show up as yourself (with no mask) and you have tools and resources to work with the fears that present themselves as you step into this next level of visibility. 

Choose between a full or half a day

Are you ready make some progress?



incl GST for Australian Residents



incl GST for Australian Residents


You've got questions? I have answers!

Currently the Ditch the DIY days are:

Full Day (7 hours):

Half Day (4hours)

(incl GST for Australian Residents)

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due to secure your date. The remaining 50% is due before our Ditch the DIY Day. 


Depending on what your goals are for your business and the size of the project, I may recommend booking in for a full brand or website package. 

If we need more time to complete the tasks, you can book in for another full or half day to complete or I will provide as much training as possible for you to finish the tasks yourself. 

As much as I would love to gurantee what we will get completed, it isn’t possible as the day is dependent on humans and tech. What I can guarantee is:

I will prepare myself energetically and physically to ensure I am at peak performance for your scheduled day.

I will be available and in communication with you on the day and the day following to ensure a smooth process.

I only deliver work I am proud of and excited to show off and share with the world.

Supports me to work efficiently knowing whats going to move your brand forward.

Just you, your brand and me. No other client work, calls or emails


You may reschedule with up to 72 hours of notice.  

If you need to cancel, your deposit will not be refunded (unless otherwise required by law).

Any deposit paid will be held as a credit to be used within 3 months from the date of cancellation.

If I need to cancel or reschedule we will find a new date that works for both of us or I will issue a refund.

Yes! Please make sure that you are free (or at least flexible) on your scheduled Ditch the DIY day. We’ll have a scheduled check-in time during the day where I will show you what has been completed and get feedback. The more available you are the more we can potentially get done!

We will work over 2-4 days instead of one. As you sleep I will do the work that is on your list. Imagine waking up to your list being done!

When you wake, you will send me a detailed video (Zoom or Loom) recording of feedback. I will implement these changes as soon as I can (based on the timezone).

We will then proceed with any final edits and I will supply you with your final files.

Before your scheduled Ditch the DIY day, I’ll need your wishlist of items, as detailed as possible and in order of importance to you. I’ll also ask you for required assets such as your brand kit, maybe access to your Canva account, brand guidelines. I’ll give you an exact list based on the tasks we have planned for the day.

No, I don’t write content for you, but I can supply you with prompts and resources to access prior to your day so you are prepared.

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about what is possible for you. You can email me directly at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you within 24 business hours.