Join me in this 1hr training on 3 simple exercises that I will guide you through to anchor your brand & help you evolve.

I’m announcing something exciting that I have had brewing for a while!

Mark your calendar Wednesday, March 2nd, 1pm AEST
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Here's what you'll learn:

Creating a brand can be overwhelming with the many layers and moving parts that form it. This training will provide you with some anchors that will begin to build a picture and connection to and for your brand as a whole.


Values help to guide your actions. I will share with you how you can use your values to support your brand and connect you to your audience


I guide you through the layers of why you’re service matters. Getting right down into the root of your purpose creates a sustaining connection and enhances motivation.

truth compass list

A simple exercise to help guide your actions and thoughts when you are feeling stuck. Great for content ideas, helping you re-align to your truth and can be used as a tool for inspired action.

Mark your calendar

Wednesday, March 2nd, 1pm AEST

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Meet the host

Hello, I'm Chantelle

Did you know that (in Australia), more than 60 percent of small businesses fail and cease operating within the first three years of starting?(According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

A contributing factor to this, I believe, is due to not having strong foundations to lean into to help them make good decisions. They have no guiding force behind them to support them.

60% is an alarming rate of ceases that I would like to help reduce. I’m a small business owner and know that what I am creating is more than just a service, a business. It is my soul’s calling.

Having strong business/brand foundations helps us make those important decisions and holds the motivation to keep us going during the early years when we need alot of support.

My mission is to support healers, leaders, coaches and guides on their business journey by providing services and products to help them create a brand that supports their vision and becomes their guide, their cheerleader and their BF.

I’m excited to be a part of your journey!

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