If you’re ready to uplevel your brand inside and out, you’re in the right place.

If you’re ready to uplevel your brand inside and out, you’re in the right place.

I’ll help you find deep clarity and alignment with your brand & business that gives you next level confidence in sharing your work — so you can spend less time feeling like you are winging it and more time being the leader you are here to be.

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A brand that connects to your audience is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s essential if you want to have a business that survives the uncertainty of today's economy.

You’re amazing at what you do. But when it comes to expressing this through your branding… well, you could use a little bit of help.

Surface level branding isn’t going to cut it anymore. Not when you want to attract clients that align with your values, share your vision for change and inspire you to become a leader in your field.

It’s time to deepen the reflection that shines back from the mirror of your brand. 

A brand that connects to your audience is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s essential if you want to have a business that survives the uncertainty of today's economy.

You’re amazing at what you do. But when it comes to expressing this through your branding… well, you could use a little bit of help.

Surface level branding isn’t going to cut it anymore. Not when you want to attract clients that align with your values, share your vision for change and inspire you to become a leader in your field.

It’s time to deepen the reflection that shines back from the mirror of your brand. 

You’re ready to…

Sonja Harvey

Consistency = $$$

Brand consistency reliably contributes to revenue growth (Marq, 2021)

Authenticity is key

88% of consumers say authenticity is important when decide what brands they like and support (Stackla, 2021 p11)

Accessibility = Sales

92% of consumers are more likely to support a business that is physically and digitally accessible

Integrity Matters

77% of consumers believe a company’s leader should embody their brand purpose and mission in their personal life. (Zeno, 2020)

You’re looking for someone who…

Great News! the search stops here!

Hi, I’m Chantelle,

Your embodied branding guide

With each project, my focus is helping my clients to express themselves authentically and with integrity using my Embodied Branding Framework — without feeling like they are wearing a mask or needing to be someone/something else.

The deep support you didn’t even know you needed!

The branding journey with Chantelle is the deep support you didn’t even know you needed. The visuals are only a small part of it (though they are amazing), overall it’s a process of clarity in who you are, why you do what you do, and how you want to share your service with others. It provides a foundational level of support for the business that I didn’t even know was possible!

I LOVED your guided meditation/visualisations to anchor at parts of the process. The meditation in our integration session was one of my favorite business moments I’ve ever had!


Embodied Branding Journey

A deeply clarifying, intuitive and fun exploration of what is truly possible for you in business.  Equipping you with the tools to articulate and embody your business in a way that you never thought was possible!

With the Embodied Branding Journey you will:

Divided into two pathways... ​

Begin your journey with 'The Roadmap'

The Roadmap

This will become the blueprint to your brand. We dive deep into the how, what, where, when and who of you and your service. Many clients have found this workbook to be THE instigator for us developing a brand that 100% aligns to them and their service.

We will also explore all of your offers so we get a holistic view of where your business is sitting within the wider industry.

If this isn’t something you have done before, sending out an anonymous survey to your clients will provide us with valuable information to get the pulse on how your brand is being perceived. This will help you identify gaps or validate current thoughts.

2-3hr 1:1 Strategy Session (may be split into 2-3 60min workshops)

We get the bigger vision of your brand and lay everything out on the table. By the end of the session we will be crystal clear on your vision and the direction of your brand identity.

Intuitively Guided 1:1 Energy Sessions

To be used to clear and release what bubbles to the surface during this process. You are upleveling who you are, these sessions help to integrate your evolution. These sessions are booked throughout at your discretion.

A PDF document that you will return to again and agin to reinspire you during hard days or challenging times.

The Roadmap includes:

  • Brand Heart (your why & core)
  • Brand Statement Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Brand Promise
  • Audience Personas
  • Brand Attributes
  • Brand Archetypes
  • Uniques Selling Point
  • Sales Journey Mapping and so much more.


The Roadmap is completed with a section on how you can communicate your brand visually with two different directions for you to choose from. You will have a creative brief that we can work on together or that you can share with a graphic/brand designer. This document will keep you on path when those ‘shiny’ objects start to surface.

You will be taken on a visualisation journey to integrate the experience, supporting you as you step into this unlevelled version of you and your business. You will receive the mp3 to use again and again to anchor the new you.

Will be provided to support you in your process during our time together. These will be unique to your challenges and business.


Go all in with 'The Experience'

The Experience

Everything from The Roadmap PLUS...

This document acts as the anchor for you to return to and evolve as your business evolves. It contains how to use your logo and brand elements to ensure that you are always well represented.

It also contains a foundation of applications of your branding in different scenarios. I build this document in Canva so that you can add to and edit as you grow to ensure that is always a reflection of your current message. I provide this as a Canva document for you to easily update as your business evolves.

A collection of logo’s (3) for every use will be created and supplied in all the colours and file formats you will ever need. All logo’s come with 2 revisions, additional revisions will incur a fee.


We curate a beautiful selection of colours and fonts that work beautifully together to support your logo and brand messaging. Again, there will be an opportunity for feedback and 2 revisions. Additional revisions will incur a fee. If any fonts are purchased I will advise you of where to purchase, and guide you on how to send them to me.


You will be provided with guidance around accessible colour combinations when pairing coloured text over a coloured background. 

An extended colour palette will be created for you to give you flexibility in creating accessible marketing materials and content.

Through the creation of your brand identity, you will be supplied with a collection of stock images and design elements that will help bring the ‘human’ to your brand.

Sit back, with a cuppa and enjoy up to 60mins of awesome! This session reveals your brand and the reasoning behind all of our design decisions. My clients LOVE this part of the process! Tissues are recommended!

To help you keep consistent and to support you while you navigate your way through ‘shiny’ obstacles, we will craft a quick reference style guide. This document will be your anchor point to keep you and your team focused and on brand.

We design branded social media templates for you to use on Instagram or Facebook. Being visually consistent on social media helps to remind your audience who you are in a matter of seconds.

I design a branded cover image for you to display on your Facebook business page or Email headers.

Design a branded copy & paste HTML email signature for you to sign off your communication emails. (can be swapped out for something else)

You will have an opportunity to ask questions during the process and post journey as you begin to use your brand assets.

This invitation extends up to ONE (1) month after we have completed your project. It’s a great opportunity to iron out any kinks that may show up as you begin to use your brand identity. Once you have completed your post project review, additional support can be purchased.

All calls & trainings are recorded so that you can always refer back to ‘aha’ moments.

I will update your Canva Brand Hub with all of your files, colour palette and fonts.

We’ve done the hard yards together and I know your brand inside and out. If you book a Ditch the DIY VIP Day at the same time as The Experience you receive a $500 AUD discount.

Two month post-completion review of your socials and brand to give you feedback and tips on where you perhaps have gone off-brand (must be booked within THREE (3) months of completion date). We will send you a reminder so that you don’t miss this great opportunity!

I feel like I can just show up as myself now, knowing that my brand is a true representation of my values and how I want to be perceived.

I found the groundwork we did by completing the workbooks were so important because it connected everything to my brand. I feel like I own it, like it has been produced from me. That I have birthed it. The process I went through to get my last logo, there was no parallel connection to the logo or the brand and I can now see how this didn’t represent who I was.

Here's how it works

Step One

Kick off Call & Pre-Work (sent 2 weeks before the official start date)

We start the journey by organising a kick off call. I will walk you through key parts our journey together, and get an understanding of how you work best so that you feel supported during our time together.

No later than two weeks before your official start date you will be provided with a comprehensive workbook personalised to your business. This workbook is set out like a journaling exercise helping you to discover the who, what, why, how and when of your business, how you will serve your clients and understand what you believe in and stand for. We leave no rock unturned.Once we have shone a light on everything we can get a clear picture of where your brand is at present and where you are headed.

At this stage I will also request you send an anonymous survey to past clients, the results of this survey will tell us alot about how your brand and busines is currently being perceived. It helps us to identify where there is room for improvement.

Step Two

Brand Clarity & Customer Experience Workshop(s) + Embodied Branding Integration Sessions (upto 4 weeks)

Your workshop is the official start date of our journey together. Before your workshop I will have reviewed your workbook answers, your customer survey and have done some market research. During the workshop(s) we further explore and deepen into any threads that were uncovered in step one, review opportunities, and develop the beginnings of a creative brief. Your brand identity will begin to reveal itself through this process. 

Along side the workshop session(s) we will release what does not serve you with intuitively guided integration sessions that are determined by what is present through the explorations during the workshop(s).

Step Three

Embodied Brand Roadmap Development (2 weeks)

Most of the heavy lifting is now done for you. I take the reigns, collecting, reviewing and refining all the information provided in the previous steps to form your Embodied Brand Roadmp. A document that will become your go to for content createion, website copy, working with mentors and whenever you need inspiration.

We take the time to refine the Roadmap until it captures the essence of your vision, once we are there, I will request your approval. 

Once the roadmap is approved, I finalise the file and we end The Roadmap journey here with an Embodied branding integration session. Experiential in nature and intuitively led, this session supports the integration of the work we have done together.

Going all in?
The Experience continues with…

Step Four

Creative Process Begins! (1-2 weeks)

This phase sees me translate The Roadmap into a visual brand. I bring all of the strategy and exploration together to refresh the brand identity so that is a true expression of your brand essence 

You will be gifted with a 60min Embodied Branding presentation – this is a time for you to grab your favourite beverage and watch as the magic unfolds. This is an experience you will remember as you get to experience your brand through a journey of embodiment. Past clients have LOVED this part of the journey – tissues are recommended!

Step five

Feedback + Refine (1-2 weeks)

You will have the opportunity to provide me with feedback after the presentation. With 95% of projects we nail it first time, there is the 5% of projects that require a small tweak to make it a 100% YES! You are invited to be as honest as possible, no hard feelings here! It is important everything is in alignment, no tweak is too small or a bother.

Step six

File Delivery + Integration Session + Support (1-2 weeks + 30 days support)

During this phase I build out all of your brand assets and implement the Canva templates, create the training videos and we book in your review for 1-3 months into the future. Everything you need will be delivered in a organised system to help you easily find your brand assets using Google Drive.

We end our time together with an Embodied Branding Integration Meditation to really anchor this deep transformation. You are invited to return to this meditation daily as you begin to live out your brand and step into your next level of service.

30 days of support is included for you to ask me any questions as you use your new brand assets. I love guiding you as you create, providing tips and additional resources.

Additional bonus resources

unlimited access to me during project

a collaborative and supportive process

guided workbook and project hub

Case Study

The Client

Lauren Prideaux is a brings a unique blend of Myotherapy and Feminine Embodiment coaching to her service.

This combination opens the doorway to transform people’s PAIN experience in their body through coaching elements and the touch elements. An approach that goes deep into understanding and being with the pain before metabolising, liberating and transforming the pain into wisdom and relief.

Lauren’s slow and steady approach first regulates the nervous system, to then work within her client’s capacity instead of forcing change. This is essential for sustainable and long lasting transformation and release from persistent pain ailments.

Lauren’s method utilises music, movement and meditation to transform and liberate sensations, feelings, emotions through the body unlike the other therapists Lauren listens deeply to not only the words of her clients but the subtle clues their bodies provide.

The Before

When Lauren came to me, as she felt lost between her old brand and the new brand she was being called to step into after raising her prices. She wanted to up-level her presence online and felt a little stuck doing it one her own. Lauren initially booked in for a Ditch the DIY day with the intention to ‘jazz up’ her logo. During a connection call it became very clear that Lauren was at a stage in her business where she was ready for more. It was time to uplevel her brand inside and out. With some education around what was possible Lauren was ready to step into the passenger seat while I helped show her the best way forward in line with her business goals. Lauren decided to go all in with The Experience option of the Embodied Branding Journey.

Together We

Utilising the Embodied Branding Framework, I worked with Lauren to elevate her visual brand to the level and quality represented in the service she provides. The Roadmap determined the visual direction that will support Lauren’s continued growth in her industry.

By the end of our time together, Lauren felt really listened to through the whole process, she felt like I really understood her business, and self – almost as if I knew her business better than she did. And Lauren loved that I could see and help her open up to an even GREATER vision for herself than she had in mind.

In Lauren’s words

“You really have your shit together, I’ve worked with others on projects where there’s no clear direction, and that can feel really unsafe. 

I felt really listened to through the whole process, and I felt like you really understood my business, and self – almost as if you knew my business better than I did. And I loved that you could see and helped me open up to an even GREATER vision for myself than I had in mind.

This was an in-depth, intuitive and fun exploration of what is truly possible for me in business. You held my hand along a process that helped me uncover, encapsulate and express what I do in the world.

It was one of the BEST investments I’ve made in my whole time in business.


The Investment


Payment plans available

from $6497AUD

6 or 3 month payment plan available

We’ll make the best team if…

Chantelle, your process really helped me to connect with what I wanted to do, and to understand that it is beyond a logo.

Your branding is who you are and who you share to the world. When this isn’t in sync with what you want to do then it’s just a random image from another web page, that somebody scrolls past and doesn’t really take in what you are doing and why.

The process that we went through allows me to be super comfortable with all of the elements you created why you created them, and all of that sort of stuff which then makes it very easy for me to grow and expand.

I believe that this exponential growth was directly related to the branding. You held me to the highest version of myself, it’s like you knew the highest potential for me and my brand.


Something on your mind?

I do offer this service for branding clients, once we have completed your branding project we will have a discussion about what your next steps are in regards to implementation of your visual brand.

If you decide to move forward with The Experience, I suggest you come with an open mind. Once we complete The Roadmap, it will become clear as to whether or not your logo is suitable for this next phase of your business journey. Sometimes a little refresh of colours or a font change is all that is required to align with the rest of your brand. Other times, it is evident that your business requires an new logo.

I have a BA Degree in Graphic Design, Business (Marketing) Diploma, have acquired my Advanced Intuitive Intelligence Trainer certification and have over 15 years working with clients in various roles and industries.

You can find case studies and work examples by downloading my Client Experience Guide here. (it isn’t quite ready yet, please enter your details anyway and as soon as it is ready I will send it you)

The Embodied Branding Journey combines, strategy, energy, and intentional design that provides a holistic and supportive process that helps you to articulate and embody your business. It is collaborative and challenging, I hold you to the highest version of yourself so that the result is something that is flexible and that which you can grow into and with.

If you enquire today and we are a good fit, we can generally start working together within 4 weeks.

Spaces are limited for ‘The Experience’, I take on no more than 2 clients at a time through this process.

It is never too soon to book in your spot, you can book upto 4 months in advance (a great option if you require an extended payment plan).

Yes! You can book upto 4 months in advance. If you know you want to work with me, book a call or fill out an application as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Click here to Apply Now >

The Roadmap: 4-6 weeks
The Experience: 8-12 weeks

This timeframe is a general guide based on past client journey’s.

Generally the first 4 weeks will be the most intensive on your end during the discovery phase (usually no more than 1-2hrs a week as a guide). After this time, you will be required to give feedback within a 48hr timeframe. 

I believe there is no ‘right’ time to invest in your business. If you have found yourself on this page, it most likely is the right time. You do however need to be present as much as you can to the process, so if you are in a period of high stress I recommend you schedule a call and have a chat with me to discern if this is a good time.

This is an investment of time, energy and financial resources, and you get out what you put in. I want this to be a great experience for you and if you are in a state of high stress it will be more challenging for us to meet the deeper layers of your business where most of the ‘gold nuggets’ are found.

If you are not sure, please book a call and let’s talk it out. Schedule a call now >

Yes! Payment plans are offered. Monthly instalments over 3 or 6 months. To book your project in my calendar I require a deposit of $500 AUD.

Please note that final files will not be delivered until final payment has been received. Book your project in advance if you require a longer payment plan option so you can use your assets sooner rather than later!

You may be required to purchase a font licence if custom fonts are used as part of your visual brand (this is communicated prior – no surprises!).

I recommend purchasing a Canva Pro licence which is a monthly subscription of approx $12.99 USD a month 

I will use free commercial use stock images. If your brand would benefit from a unique style of imagery, I may recommend a stock image subscription that can vary in price depending on the service provider (usually no more than $35 AUD a month)

I do offer Ditch the DIY VIP Days for $1500. This is a good opportunity to get different areas of your brand elevated. Check out Ditch the DIY VIP Days here >

We will most likely make a great team if:

You’re a multi-passionate, multi-layered human who wants to express themselves authentically as themselves online.

You care about creating an accessible and inclusive world for the next generation.

You want to work with a brand designer who is just as ‘woo’ as you are and stays curious to the process.

You want a business that makes you feel inspired to show up most days.

You want to experience that next level of confidence, so you can attract more opportunities for speaking and sharing your transformational work with others.

You’re ready to fully hand over your business baby to a pro so that you can help to flourish and thrive.

I work mostly with micro businesses, that have a solo business owner and/or may have a small contract based team such as a VA supporting them.

Often my people are, multi-passionate and have a multi-modality approach, they are visionary leaders, coaches, trauma-informed healers, guides and spiritual mentors.

If you are just starting out, I offer a:

Self-paced online Brand Foundations Program or

1:1 Brand Ignition Intensive (over 2 weeks) for $2500 AUD – book a call with me if you’d like to discuss this option. Schedule a call now >

I regularly use: WordPress (Elementor Builder), Flodesk (email marketing), Asana, Google Workspace, Zoom, Dubsado, Xero, Adobe Creative Cloud – InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva Pro, Acuity Scheduling

And am familiar with: Kajabi, Squarespace, Wix, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, Leadpages, WordPress (Divi), Dropbox, Zapier

I love working with people in different timezones! 

Often it works out in their favour as I am based in Australia which for most people is in the Future! My clients love that I work while they are sleeping and that they get to wake up to complete tasks.

I’m accommodating with time zones when it comes to calls during a project. 

If you want to book a call and don’t find a time that works well in your timezone please email me for an alternative option.

Yes definitely! You can schedule a call at your convenience via this link.

An authentically expressed brand is closer than you think

I can’t wait to show you what’s possible. Let’s get started!

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