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Empower your vision & claim your space in your industry

My Embodied Branding Framework is a deeply clarifying, intuitive and fun exploration of what is truly possible for you in business. Enabling you to articulate and embody your business in a way that you never thought was possible.

Connect with your true potential, and express yourself authentically online

You have a vision to create a life that you’ve now realised (through personal development) that you get to choose. 

You’ve envisioned your work to help make the world around you a better place to live in one human and/or system at a time. 

You understand the vehicle to make this vision a reality is your business – and the power of having your business’s brand be a true representation of this vision and the quality of service you provide so that you connect and attract the people that need your work the most and support your vision for change.

Discover a level of support that is right for you below.

begin your journey with An embodied

Brand Evaluation

Take the pulse of your current business and brand…

to discover and shine a light on what you are currently embodying in the eyes of your audience, how your brand is being perceived and what energy you are subconsciously carrying. When you are too close to your business challenge it can be difficult to identify the best next step towards your goals.

Embodied Brand Evaluations touch on all areas – Strategy, Design and Energy to get a holistic overview of what is keeping you in the feeling of ‘not quite right’ in your business. This is the reality check your brand and business have been calling for!

An Embodied Brand Evaluation will:

Time: 2 weeks
Investment: $649 AUD

Embodied Branding Journey

The Roadmap

An exploratory foundational process of clarity in who you are, why you do what you do, and how you want to share your service with others. It is the deep support you didn’t know you needed!

The Embodied Branding Roadmap utilises strategy, to help you put language to the feelings and intangible essence that your work in the world provides. And energy practices to integrate and support you to live out what we uncover.

Perfect at any stage of your business journey to get your business and brand documented into one source of truth for you to dip in and out of as you continue to grow and evolve.

A must have for unifying and centering your brand into cohesion and differentiation.

Time: 4 weeks
Investment: from $2997 AUD

Embodied branding Journey

The Experience

An in-depth, intuitive and fun exploration of what is truly possible for you in business. This is my signature experience that guides you through a brand transformation using a combination of Strategy, Energy and thoughtful Design. No stone goes unturned!

We align the external with the internal aspects of your business and brand to create a representation that is an authentic and resonant expression of your vision.

The Experience helps you map out exactly what you do, what you stand for and how you truly help people. It helps you infuse your own essence into your brand, but also have it stand on its own without you having to give all of your own energy to it.

You will be challenged through this experience…
You will gain a depth of clarity that you didn’t know was possible…
You will be guided and supported EVERY step of the way…

Are you ready to step into your true potential?

Time: Upto 16 weeks
Investment: from $6497 AUD

“It’s been really fun & very supportive. And honestly, it’s been like one of the best processes. As far as anything that I’ve done in my business, I think, from the point of safety, mostly because it’s something that I’ve really struggled with, working with other people, they’re very focused on the next step, the next step, the next step, it feels very fast, whereas this process has been really like leaning back into it, and really feeling it.” – Lauren Prideaux

 Clients that said YES! to uplevel their brand:

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ditch the diy for a day

A day to get it done!

Have a break from your never ending to do list…​

Stay in your zone of genius for the day and allow me to take the reigns and tackle those tasks that seem to take you hours!

Take a moment to imagine having a BIG chunk of your list completed and professionally designed in just 24hrs…


Time: 7hrs (+ strategy session and creative brief development)
Investment: from $1500 AUD

Real Results From Past Clients


"I've gained so much confidence in myself."

I gained so much confidence in myself, not just because of what my brand looks like but because of the process. It has pushed me to grow and go beyond what was just ok. I’ve consistently levelled up. The whole process was like constantly learning more about myself and seeing the fears and the blocks, it consistently pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’m now seeing my brand as me and see it as a reflection of the journey I’ve been through. It now feels like home for me.


Make your business a reality

"I feel like my business is real!! "

The process we went through has made the biggest impact on me actually feeling like my business is real!! Can’t thank you enough for your magic, it’s all now happening!

Tess McIntyre - with love from tess founder

We're a Good Fit If...

You’re ready for more visibility & freedom

A big part of attracting clients you love is to be more visible in your business. Be open and curious to what is possible…

You're an action-taker & ambitious entrepreneur

Creating a brand that is an authentic expression of your vision requires you to be present and to dive deep even when it feels hard. 

You want to scale to your next big milestone

You are ready for your next level of service and you understand that your brand will help get you there. You are ready to step up!